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About the Club

About the United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township

The United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township was established in 1993 in response to disorganization in the existing Republican club. Township administration was under control of the Democratic party and taxes were rising while municipal services were decreasing. Our township’s Republican leaders decided it was time to establish a strong, organized club that could get good Republicans elected.

The primary purpose of any political club is to help the best people get elected to the Township Committee and other elected offices in the county and state.

Since 1993 our club has been able to win every municipal election and as a result our Township Committee consists of five good Republicans, all members of the United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township. One of our members also serves on the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Many of our members serve as volunteers on the planning board, zoning board, recreation commission and environmental commission.

Club membership has steadily increased and we are now proud to welcome Egg Harbor Township residents from all walks of life, including police officers, fire fighting volunteers, professionals, retirees, and township business owners. These are people who care about their community and want to help elect the best leaders for the future.

Who Can Join?

Anyone interested in good government and improving your community.

You must:
Be 18 years old
Be a registered Republican

If you are not sure of your party affiliation, simple complete the attached form.

(Republican Affiliation form)

Be a resident of Egg Harbor Township
(Note: High School Students under 18 may join with permission of a parent or guardian but, are not eligible to vote in club elections.)

Click Here for a Membership Application!

What Do Club Members Do?

There is a club meeting once a month where we usually have a community leader give a brief talk. This can be a candidate for governor or your state senator. Our Township Committee members, Freeholders and School Board members give an update on their responsibilities and we plan for the upcoming campaign.

Egg Harbor Township has a local, municipal election every year. Members of the Township Committee serve alternating three years terms and one or two positions are up for election every year. Our club chooses the Republican candidates and helps in the campaign of those candidates . We hold fund raisers, put up signs, send of mailings. It's fun! You get to spend time with like minded people, meet and greet political leaders and attend great victory parties!

We are also involved in a number of community activities such as participating in the annual Memorial Day parade, Volunteers Day, and a Holiday Gift Collection.


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