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Bob Reed

Bob Reed
March 7, 1950 - December 14, 2004

Bob Reed of Egg Harbor Township was a husband, a father, a brother, a son, He loved his family dearly. They were first in his life.

As a teacher, he loved young people and took seriously the effect he would have on their lives forever. Even in retirement, he continued to teach through the Adopt a Stream program. Truly a teacher for life.

A farmer, he loved the earth, the water, the trees, the wildlife. In his life, he watched the Township change from rural to suburban but he always worked the earth. The best corn and tomatoes in the world! The most beautiful spring flowers. Thank you for that, Bob.

He was a civil servant, an elected official for one reason only, he wanted what was best for his hometown. He also served on the planning board. He fiercely protected and fought for Egg Harbor Township to the very day he left. We will carry on, Bob.

Bob was a friend and he was fun. Who does not have a funny story to tell? Who did not want to be next to him at the party? But woe to the person who made him angry for he spoke his mind.

He was civic minded, serving in the Kiwanis Club. Always ready with a banquet of fruit and veggies when they were needed. A Jersey tomato grown with love; that is why his were the best.

We loved you, Bob and we will miss you. so much!

"Well done thou good and faithful servant;
thou hast been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things;
enter thou into the joy of the Lord"

-- Matthew 25:21

What a Good Man Grew

The flowers upon my neighbor's vine
Are owned by him but they are also mine.
His was the cost, and his the labor too,
But mine as well as his the joy, their loveliness to view.

They bloom for me and are for me as fair
As for the man who gives them all his care.
Thus I am rich because a good man grew
A flower-clad vine for all his neighbor's view.

I know from this that others plant for me,
And what they own, my joy may also be.
So why be selfish when so much that's fine
Is grown for you upon your neighbor's vine.

-- Abraham Grubes

Farmer Bob died.  I told my five year old daughter.  She was matter of fact; she understands.  Summer, her black lab died this past August, sleeping next to her.  Summer is in heaven too, my daughter points out.

            She remembers the farm, the corn, the tomatoes, the peppers and all the neat stuff Bob would give her and show her when we would stop by after preschool.  She grew a garden this summer but, ‘Farmer Bob had more stuff and a lot of it’.

            I stopped at the farm during the election to pick up some campaign signs.  There were twenty to thirty kids digging in the muck at the edge of the pond behind his home.  They showed me their treasures. The bugs, the worms, the I don’t know whats.  A small boy showed me a fish, an inch long fish.  “Do you know what it is, he asked?”  “A large mouth bass, I said.”  The little angler headed off with a new purpose in search of another inch long large mouth bass. 

            When I related the story to Bob he downplayed it in his gravely voice…. but his eyes beamed.  The children remember Bob Reed and the farm.  What greater legacy is there than the memory of children.  I’ll miss him too.

Len Dagit
4 Point Drive
Anchorage Poynte
Egg Harbor Township

 In loving memory of Bob the United Republican Club of EHT created the


This award honors the Dedication, Commitment and Hard Work, exemplified by one of our founding members, Robert “Bob” Reed.  In addition, the award gives Recognition to one of our members who has consistently demonstrated these Qualities; this member has made an unselfish contribution to serve the Greater good of the community for which we are truly appreciative. The Executive Board and the General Membership of the Egg Harbor Township United Republican Club give this award to express their gratitude and praise to the recipient.

Click here to view the 2009 Robert "Bob" Reed Legacy Award recipient.

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