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A Guide to Your Home Town: Egg Harbor Township

Public Works - School System - Volunteers - Mail
Local Government - To Do - Taxes - Directory

How to Make Public Works Work for You

Public Works is responsible for removal of trash, bulk waste and yard debris, in addition to maintenance of municipal roads and snow removal.

Trash is collected once a week.

Bulk waste, appliances, wood, etc. are collected monthly. You MUST call Public Works to schedule your pick-up!

Loose leaf collection is scheduled by Public Works in the spring and fall. Signs are posted. Recycling of paper, glass and plastic is mandatory and handled by Atlantic County. Pick-ups are every other Thursday.

Road resurfacing is scheduled by the Township Administration on a priority basis determined by the Municipal Engineer.

A word about Snow Removal - following a snow storm, street plowing is done on a priority basis, major municipal roads are plowed first, followed by secondary streets, followed by residential areas. So if you live on a cul-de-sac or one block street, yours will not be the first road plowed, but it will be plowed. To avoid the problem of being “plowed in” after you shovel your driveway, pile snow to the right of the driveway when looking out to the street!

Al Simerson, Director of Public Works - 926-3838. FAX- 926-0638

This is Your Community - Keep EHT Clean!

Many People Chose a Community Based on Its School System

Children are an Investment in the Future

EHT Has One of the Best School Systems in Atlantic County

EHT offers a K through 12 education. The School Board (consisting of 9 elected members) meetings are held the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month at the EHT Intermediate School, 25 Alder Ave. Meetings are open to the public. Both the budget and school board members are voted on in April of the year. Be sure to participate, nearly 63% of your property taxes go to our school system.

A Community of Volunteers

Egg Harbor Township has a paid Police Department, a Volunteer Fire Department and both paid & volunteer members of the Rescue Squad.

The Fire Department needs volunteers & consists of five local departments:

Cardiff Volunteer Fire Department

Farmington Volunteer Fire Department

Scullville Volunteer Fire Department

West Atlantic City Volunteer Fire Department

Bargaintown Volunteer Fire Department

The Township has grown from a rural area to suburbs in a very short time. Because of our narrow roads and lack of sidewalks in many areas it is important that you drive carefully to protect our children. Egg Harbor Township Police are serious about drunk driving, speeding, tailgating and other forms of aggressive driving.

John Coyle, Chief /Police 926-4036 FAX: 926-4004

Fire Chief 926-4070

Linda Cusac, Rescue Squad 383-0003

How You Can Get Your Mail Here from There

Yes, you do live in Steelmanville, Bargaintown, McKee City, Scullville, English Creek, etc. But save those descriptions for your friends and delivery men. As far as the US Postal Service is concerned you live in EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ 08234. With few exceptions, such as West Atlantic City, Seaview Harbor & Anchorage Pointe, you MUST use EHT’s Zip Code 08234 on all correspondence!

How Your Local Government Works

Five Township Committee members are elected for alternating three year terms. The Committee then selects a mayor and deputy mayor for the year. Township Committee meetings are held at Town Hall on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month. Work sessions begin at 5:30 PM. Regular committee meetings begin at 8 PM. The public is invited. Meetings are broadcast on Comcast Cable on 2nd & 4th Thursdays at 7 PM.

The public is invited to attend both work sessions and committee meetings. Public comment is invited at committee meetings.

Committee Secretary , Joan Conover - 926-4088 FAX: 926-4002

The Township Administrator is appointed by the Township Committee to oversee and implement Township policies on a daily basis. He provides guidance and advises the Township Committee on the needs and programs within the municipality.

Township Administrator, Peter Miller - 926-4027 FAX:926-4002

Written communication should be mailed to
3515 Bargaintown Rd.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

There is Always Something to Do

EHT has one of the finest Recreation Departments in the area. Almost all forms of organized sports are available. Bus trips are also offered throughout the year. The Current of Egg Harbor Township has lists of the sports and activities available several times a year.

Call the Recreation Department for sign up information.

Bob Lincoln, Director - 926-4028 FAX:926-4002

Where Your Taxes Go

EHT, like every municipality is a tax collector for the county and school board. Very little (13.92%) of the taxes you pay actually go to the municipal government to pay for services such as trash collection, police protection, town hall etc. This also includes money for uncollected taxes (people who can’t or won’t pay their taxes.)

62.75% of your taxes go to the school district.
Board of Education - 646-7911

23.33% of your taxes go to the county government
County of Atlantic - 343-2201

Remember, the best way to have a say in where you taxes go is to get involved!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

In Case of Emergency Call 911

Administrator: 926-4027 FAX:926-4002

Building Inspections: 926-4121 FAX:926-4003

Finance: 926-4094 FAX:926-4002

Fire: 926-4070 FAX:926-4003

Municipal Court: 926-4045 FAX:926-4001

Parks and Recreation: 926-4028 FAX:926-4002

Planning Board: 926-4093 FAX:926-4003

Police: 917-5200 FAX:926-4004

Public Works: 926-3838 FAX:926-0638

Tax Assessor: 926-4083 FAX:926-4002

Tax Collections: 926-4079 FAX:926-4002

Township Clerk: 926-4085 FAX:926-4002

Township Committee: 926-4088 FAX:926-4002

Zoning: 926-4134 FAX:926-4003



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